Формування і розвиток стендової бази в КБ «Південне»

Ключові слова: вібровиміри, стендова база, КБП.


Узагальнено результати та проведено аналіз формування та розвитку стендової бази КБП. Розглянуто нові факти в отриманні даних на вібростендах, які сприяли прориву в галузі підвищення працездатності та доведення до досконалості космічних апаратів і ракет-носіїв.

In this paper the authors are described the results of the formation and development test bed. The authorы haму some new facts in obtaining data on a vibrating stands, which contributed to a breakthrough in the perfecting of spacecraft and launch vehicles. DO «Yuzhnoye» has a lot of materials on the effects of oscillations on the individual components of rockets and spacecraft. These materials have been accumulating since the founding of DO «Yuzhnoye». Results the measurements of the oscillations are given in the conceptual design, in the scientific and technical reports and in the individual monographs. Contribution of individuals DO «Yuzhnoye» and research teams in the solution of the problem of protection against oscillations nodes designs missiles are described in many books. But comprehensive historical evaluation of the theory of mechanical oscillations in the space engineering is not done. Important place in the researches about the effects of oscillations on the individual components of rockets and spacecraft was given by the experimental developments on the stands. It is therefore necessary for the analyze of the formation and establishment of the stand base for the research of the activities vibrations in DO «Yuzhnoye». In this article, the authors provided an analysis of the scientific work of scientists DO «Yuzhnoye». The authors gives a historical evaluation of the design work on the vibration tests on the stands. Analysis of the results of work in the context of historical development, complexity and development of the theory is carried out on the basis of scientific and technical reports and published monographs.