Peer review

 Articles are accepted according to the established schedule: № 1 (May-June) - until February 15 of the current year; № 2 (November-December) - until September 15 of the current year.

Scientific articles submitted to the editorial board must be reviewed. Review of manuscripts of articles is carried out by leading specialists in the relevant field of science. Reviewing is doubly blind. The reviewer does not know the name of the author of the article, and the author of the article does not know the name of the reviewer.

Within three working days the editor-in-chief notifies the authors that the editorial board has received an electronic version of the article. The editorial board determines the compliance of the article with the profile of the journal, the requirements for design, sends it for the review to a doctor of science or a candidate of science who has a scientific specialization close to the topic of the article. The terms of reviewing in each case are determined taking into account the employment of reviewers for the fastest possible publication of the article (usually one or two weeks). The review should identify the following aspects of the future publication:

  • whether the content of the article corresponds to its title;
  • to what extent the article corresponds to modern achievements of science;
  • whether the article is available to scientists in terms of language, style, location (placement) of material, tables, figures, etc .;
  • whether it is appropriate to publish the article taking into account the previously published literature on the issue;
  • what exactly are the positive features and shortcomings of the article, which corrections and additions should be made by the author;
  • conclusion on the possibility of publishing the manuscript: "recommended", "recommended taking into account the corrections and shortcomings identified by the reviewer" or "not recommended".

In case of rejection of the article, the editorial board sends a reasoned refusal to the author.

Having a positive review is not a sufficient condition for publishing the article. The final decision on the appropriateness of the publication is made by the editorial board.

After deciding on the publication, the editor-in-chief informs the authors, specifies the terms of publication and payment.

The procedure for reviewing the decisions of the editor / reviewer
If the author does not agree with the opinion of the reviewer and / or editor, he/she may appeal the decision. For this the author needs:

  • correct the manuscript of the article according to the reasonable comments of reviewers and editors;
  • clearly state his/her position on the issue that causes him /her disagreement.

The editorial board is encouraging the resubmission of manuscripts that could potentially be accepted but have been rejected due to the need for significant changes or collection of additional data, and is ready to explain in detail what needs to be corrected in the manuscript so that it can be accepted for publication.