General provisions

  1. The article is sent by the author by e-mail to the editorial address or . The volume of the article is not less than 10 pages. Requirements for the parameters of the text: sheet format–A4 (210x297 mm), margins - 2 cm, the size of the symbol in the text of the article–14, in bibliographic references–12, spacing–5. Text materials must be prepared in the MS Word editor (* .doc). Pages do not need to be numbered. The text must be literary edited. The manuscript must be accompanied by a separate letter (file), which contains the full names of all authors and brief information about them: place of work, scientific degree, position, field of study, as well as postal address, telephone and e-mail address of the author who corresponds with the editors. This information is provided in Ukrainian and English. Student articles are accepted with a review or co-author with a scientific degree.
  1. Language of the text of the article: Ukrainian (English). Electronic version of the article in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 format.
  1. Requirements for the structure of the article and an example of its design can be found here.
  1. Requirements for the design of the list of references in the MS Word editor and examples of the design of the list of references can be found here.
  1. Manuscripts drawn up without taking into account the above rules are not considered.
  1. In case of rejection of the article, the author receives a notification within 1 week. Reviewing the article lasts no more than 1 month. The procedure for reviewing the article can be found here.
    Articles returned to the author for correction and response to the reviewer's comments, but not returned to the editors within two weeks, are considered rejected.
  1. Proofreading of the article which was sent to the author for review by the editors must be returned to the editors no later than three days.
  1. The agreement on the transfer of copyright to the Editorial Board of the journal for the publication of the article, which must be completed and sent to the Editorial Board, can be found here.
  1. Each of the authors receives 1 copy of the journal in printed form in accordance with the financial requirements.
  1. The total volume of the article should be at least 10 pages prepared in accordance with the instructions for authors. It is allowed to exceed the volume of the article in accordance with the financial conditions.

The author is the person who is responsible for the accuracy of information in the materials published in the journal.

For more information you can write an e-mail letter to the editorial board