Publication Ethics

The following ethical commitments are based on the recommendations of  Committee on Publication Ethics and Code of Ethics for Scientists of Ukraine.

Co-authors of the article are individuals who have made a significant contribution to the formulation and solution of research issues presented in the materials of the article submitted for publication.

The authors of the article are responsible for the content of the article, the reliability and novelty of the research results presented for publication and the accuracy of the bibliographic references. Inaccurate, and even more incorrect, indication of a literary or archival source is unethical.

The presented results of the research should have a clear interpretation, based on a reliable source and historiographical basis. The historiography of the problem used in the study should be relevant to the research topic. The authors of the article should provide an objective assessment of the state of the problem studied in the article, the aim and objectives of the work, as well as provide a description of the tools used to solve research problems and the significance of the results.

When using the works, statements and results of research of other authors, it is necessary to cite relevant publications and provide bibliographic references to them. At the same time, it is necessary to use those publications that are directly related to the subject of the study presented in the article, and have had a significant impact on the essence of the work. References should be made to previous publications that are important for understanding the conducted study.

Criticism of previous research in an article should be scientific and  be justified. It should not be personal.

The results of the study must be original. Plagiarism in various forms is unacceptable for a scientific article submitted for publication in a journal. Plagiarism in any form is a breach of copyright and indicates unethical behaviour of the author (authors) of the presented article.

Authors should not submit to the journal an article that has already been published in another journal or is under consideration by the editorial board of another periodical. The author must inform the editors of such articles submitted or accepted for publication.

It is the duty of the author to treat the comments made by the reviewer or the editorial board in good faith, and to comply clearly with the deadline set by the editorial board to eliminate comments on the submitted article, which makes it possible to publish it.