Філософсько-історична методологія Ф. Броделя в контексті історичної антропології

Ключові слова: Ф. Бродель, методологія, філософія історії, контекст, історична антропологія.


Проаналізовано етапи розвитку теоретичних підходів та філософсько-історичних концептів творчості Ф. Броделя в контексті історичної антропології.

Historical and anthropological aspects of the philosophy of history F. Braudel were implemented him three research dimensions. The first dimension of cognitive systems author of «Mediterranean» is to apply interdisciplinary methods of knowledge that stands as one of the key elements of the methodological foundations of historical anthropology. The second dimension of the research was by analyze F. Braudel, along various and socioeconomic issues, on the history of everyday life and history of mentalities to the next stage of cognitive dynamics of historical anthropology formed the basis of the problem field of scientific discipline. The third dimension of research has found expression in a general sense, that was created by F. Braudel for academic institutionalization of historical anthropology as a separate discipline scientific methodology and «intelleсtul tools».This work of French historian and his associates became with «cognitive» in intellectual space which was formed a scientific discipline historical anthropology.

F. Braudel investigations, was focused on the analysis of large time and event-driven aspects logically and objectively led to the need for more detailed study of their individual elements, including mentality history, history of everyday life, the history of separate social groups, microhistory and thus posed cognitive axiological landmarks as historical and anthropological studies and socio- humanitarian thought in general.