Space equipment for magnetic recording – reproduction of language information for piloted objects


  • O. P. Provozin JSC "Research Institute of Electromechanical Devices", Kyiv, Ukraine



The equipment of magnetic recording-reproduction (EMRR) of speech information for the first manned flight of the person into space, its history and the principle of its work is investigated. The equipment was originally designed to document the astronauts' impressions of what they saw and experienced, and later to record the conversations of crew members with each other and with the Earth, including takeoffs, landings and docking – that is, in fact, these products served as a "black box”, helping to ensure flight safety and in the event of a shipwreck were a source of valuable information in its analysis. This topic and equipment were previously classified. And it was created in Ukraine and in this article we will talk about the main space products and their creators from the Research Institute of Electromechanical Devices (Research Institute of EMF – formerly Research Institute‑110) from Kiev.