Formation of monument protection activities in the territory of Kharkiv region in the post-war period (1945–1953)




The article examines the history of the development of monument protection activities on the territory of Kharkiv region in the post-war period, in the context of the all-Ukrainian system of protection of cultural heritage monuments. The main archival sources and scientific works were analyzed, the organizational operations of formation, directions and forms of activity of state bodies for the protection of cultural heritage, as well as their interaction with local self-government bodies in the sector of culture, architecture and art were considered. Attention is focused on the legal basis of the functioning of state structures, as well as the state of the cultural heritage protection system in the specified chronological period at the national level in general, and on the territory of Kharkiv region in particular. The ideological positions of the Soviet regime regarding the preservation of monuments after the Second World War, as well as propaganda ideas during the construction of new objects, which later became monuments, are highlighted. At that time, monumental propaganda was actively developing, as monuments that reflected historical, military and revolutionary themes were mainly discovered and taken into account. The information about the first restoration and restoration works at the monuments of cultural heritage in the post-war period was studied. The practical activity of local bodies for the protection of cultural heritage in the context of the adopted legal acts, in particular the first post-war accounting of historical and architectural monuments, is considered. It was determined that during the first post-war decade, the Kharkiv region was a leader in identifying, recording and preserving cultural heritage objects. The study of regional peculiarities of the history of monument protection becomes a valid condition for the creation of a thorough work on the history of Ukrainian monument protection in a regional context. The study of individual phenomena related to the dynamics of the formation of the monument protection case in the post-war period is important in the context of identifying the mistakes and achievements of specialists of the outlined period, as well as for the further consistent implementation of the latest measures to improve the Ukrainian monument protection legislation.