Evolution of organizational forms of Ukrainian academic science


  • G. L. Zvonkova G. M. Dobrov Institute for Research of Scientific and Technical Potential and History of Science National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4029-8721




The article highlights and analyzes the evolution of the main forms of organization of science since the creation of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Thanks to general and special-historical research methods (chronological, comparative-historical, problem-chronological), an attempt is made to recreate the chronology of the emergence of the main structures of the organization of science in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The relationship between the theoretical and practical work of these structures is analyzed. Thanks to the analysis of the activity of scientific structures, certain conclusions have been made regarding their efficiency and practical orientation. It is shown that since the beginning of the XX century the collective work of researchers has become a priority in science and is extremely necessary for its further progress. The activities of lone scientists were replaced by the work of large research teams and scientific schools – specific informal associations of scientists, the amount of scientific information received began to increase sharply. Scientific institutes and laboratories became the main structures of science – the most effective forms in which significant teams of researchers were concentrated. It is shown that the activity of various forms of organization of academic science in Ukraine, at a certain stage of time, was fruitful and fully justified itself. The study of experience of the activity of research departments, institutions, scientific centers gives an opportunity to use this experience in the future, taking into account the socio-political situation. Information is provided on the emergence and activity of a network of research departments, specialized research institutes in various fields of knowledge. The prerequisites and practical activities of the Scientific Centers of the Academy are covered. It has been proven that the study of the historical experience of the work of certain organizational structures is a very relevant issue for today.