Professor P. M. Mukhachov: on the question of the definition of the scientific and technical school of locomotive building




The article discusses the question of domestic steam locomotive industry development at the end of the 19th and 20th centuries for the purpose of defining the research team which was formed within the Kharkiv Institute of Technology (KHTI) as the P. M. Mukhachov Scientific and Technical School of Steam Locomotive Construction. The formation of steam locomotive construction in Ukraine took place at the end of the 19th century and was associated with the opening of new plants. Industry development required specialists in the design and operation of steam locomotives. Scientific centers emerged on the institutions of higher technical education basis, in particular, the Kharkiv Technical Institute, which began training railway transport engineers in 1892. Professor P. M. Mukhachov was the founder of this training direction. It was found that the creation of a research department under the leadership of a scientist contributed to the formation of a powerful research team that conducted promising research on the creation of various steam locomotives designs. The scientific and design activities of the following students and followers of P. M. Mukhachov were studied and analyzed: O. S. Raevsky, M. I. Kartashov, V. V. Monich, P. A. Soroka, P. M. Sharoykо and S. M. Kutsenko. O. S. Rajevsky studied the interaction of track and rolling stock, he created the scientific basis for the technological processes of designing and constructing steam locomotives. M. I. Kartashov studied the classification of contemporary railways and types of steam locomotives, emphasized the need to develop a clear strategy for the development of railway transport. V. V. Monich emphasized the importance of interaction between manufacturing enterprises and institutions of higher education regarding the use of advanced technologies, conducting research and training engineering personnel. Under the leadership of P. A. Soroka, the Luhansk Steam Locomotive Plant was retooled for the production and production of steam locomotives. Automatic, mechanized and flow lines, closed areas have been created. The scientific and practical activity of P. M. Sharoykо contributed to the design and adjustment of the serial production of new types of domestic steam locomotives, the continuation of the improvement of the teaching of steam locomotive engineering in higher educational institutions. S. M. Kutsenko studied the importance of electrical engineering for the development of domestic railway transport. Scientists have trained a galaxy of famous scientists and engineers in the field. The activities of Professor P. M. Mukhachov and his followers give grounds for asserting that the scientific research team created by him made significant contributions to the development of the steam locomotive industry in Ukraine. His students, designing new models of steam locomotives (electric locomotives, locomotives), continued the work started by him and researched and developed various areas of the industry. The raised question regarding the scientific school of steam locomotive construction of Professor P. M. Mukhachov needs further study based on the involvement of additional archival sources.