Professor Serhiy Platonovych Popov – student of V. I. Vernadsky, researcher of the Crimea Mineralogy




The purpose of the article is to cover more fully the life and scientific path of S. P. Popov (1872–1864), to create a convincing image of the scientist based on the existing historiographical and source bases, to outline his contribution to the mineralogy of the Crimea, to identify the events that became turning points in the life of the scientist. Analytical-synthetic, historical-chronological, biographical methods, synchronization method were used to achieve the goal of the research. An informative source base was also used, in particular the memories of S. P. Popov’s students, V. I. Vernadskyi’s correspondence with his students and colleagues, little-known archival sources, and visual sources. The events that became significant for the life and activity of S. P. Popov are highlighted. The historiography of the study is determined, it is noted that it is mostly of an anniversary nature. The influence of V. I. Vernadskyi on the formation of S. P. Popov as a mineralogist is revealed. It is shown that the communication between V. I. Vernadskyi and S. P. Popov took place throughout S. P. Popov’s life and played a major role in his fate. The changes in S. P. Popov’s professional activity related to changes in the place of work were traced, and the reasons for these changes were clarified. On the basis of archival sources, some dates of the life and activities of S. P. Popov, which are variously (and sometimes incorrectly) given in publications about him, have been specified. Numerous facts from the life and scientific activity of S. P. Popov are presented, which in aggregate significantly expand the idea of the life and scientific path of the famous scientist-mineralogist, reveal the complex circumstances of his activity in certain chronological periods. Attention is focused on the fact that the research activity of S. P. Popov in the field of studying the mineralogy of the Crimea was so fruitful that its results remain relevant even in modern times, in particular his monograph «Minerals of the Crimea». It is claimed that the ideas and hypotheses of S. P. Popov regarding the genesis of certain minerals quite often became the basic starting point for further studies of Crimean minerals using the latest research techniques. It is emphasized that S. P. Popov made a significant contribution to the formation of research and teaching in the field of mineralogy and geochemistry in most of the higher educational institutions where he had to teach.