Professor D. O. Svirenko – the founder of Dnipropetrovsk Hydrobiology School and teaching about technogenic transformation of freshwater ecosystems


  • L. A. Bajdak Dniprovsk state agrarian and economic university, Dnipro, Ukraine



We consider in historical context life and activity of the outstanding Ukrainian scientist-hydrobiologist Dmytro Onisyforovich Svirenko, whose name is a part of the cohort of prominent Ukrainian scientists. The period from 1927 to1941 was the «star time» of the scientific activity of D. O. Svirenko, when the series of research was devoted to study of the hydroecological influence of the «Dniproпes» construction (Dnipro hydroelectric power station) on the environment.

For the first time in the national science, Prof. D.O. Svirenko carried out an assessment of the hydroecological consequences of the Dniproges construction and he had shown its negative influence on the natural environment, using large amount of data obtained during expeditions of 1927–1935. Recently such complex studies of powerful human intervention in natural processes on the example of the Dniproges construction analysis is relevant and very important for carrying out pre-design research during the new hydro-technical structures construction, for the evaluation of the work of modern enterprises and formulation of ways to minimize their influence on the environment. Prof. D.O. Svirenko was the founder of complex hydrobiological researches about the influence of the construction of the Dniproges on the natural water environment and the processes of forming the first large artificial water reservoir on the Dnieper River - the Dniprovsky Reservoir, he was also the organizer and the first director of the Dnipropetrovsk State Hydrobiological Station. In this way, scientific-organizational activity of prof. D.O. Svirenko became the basis for the formation of the Dnipropetrovsk Scientific Hydrobiological schools and the foundation of the teaching about technogenic transformation of freshwater ecosystems.

The magnitude of the scientific achievements of the representatives of the Dnipropetrovsk hydrobiological school makes it possible to characterize it as the outstanding phenomenon in the hydrobiological science of Ukraine. We emphasize significant role of Professor D. O. Svirinenko in the founding and further development of the Dnipropetrovsk Scientific Hydrobiological School and the teaching about the technogenic transformation of freshwater ecosystems.

In particular, expeditionary research work of the team, headed by D. O. Svirenko, allowed them to prepare a full description of the physico-chemical and biological characteristics of water ecosystems of the former Dnieper rapids, transformed into the ecosystem of the newly created reservoir – Dniprovsky Reservoir. The scientific works of Dnipropetrovsk hydrobiologists were the first studies of such type in Ukraine. These works were highly appreciated by the scientific community. In 1934, the professor D.O. Svirenko was elected Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Most of the prof. D.O. Svirenko scientific works were published in seven pre-war volumes of «Bulletins of the Dnipropetrovsk Hydrobiological Station». Unfortunately, these publications became a bibliographic rarity and difficult to access after the disaster of the Second World War. There are only a few historical and scientific works about the life and work of D. O. Svirenko. However, in our time the ideas of D. O. Svirinenko as well as the results of his research are relevant to new generations of hydrobiologists.