Influence of ideology on psychological thought: historical aspect




This article describes the ideological distortion of achievements and teachings of I. Pavlov by party structures. The author of this article emphasizes the close connection of the development of the physiology of the nervous system with the state of psychology and tendencies of philosophical thought in the 40–60s of the XX century. The well-founded methodology and the richness of experimental techniques in the physiology of HNA had a decisive influence on research in the field of the physiological foundations of human behavior, however, slowing down the development of those studies that did not meet into the definition of the physiology of HNA. In this article the ideological influence will be analyzed on the example of decisions of Joint session of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Medical Sciences (1950) in the development of physiological science in the USSR. Based on the historical analysis will be determined the moral and scientific consequences of the negative discusses. Because the this session deepened the crisis in psychology. There was an attempt to displace psychology, replacing it with the physiology of higher nervous activity.